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Founder of Go Forth Goods

Marketing Manager at Crown Linen Designs

Founder of Powell Lacrosse

Founder of Korriko

The Tragic Story Of One Of Our Clients, Mitch

Before April 2021, Mitch Fanning was doing about $25k per month for his family’s online store Crown Linen Designs. They were doing most of their sales through organic since they have a previous customer base from when they were selling in their physical store. 

The pressures of trying to get his family through the Covid-19 doom were daunting after their physical store had to shut down and the only revenue they had coming in was the online store doing $25k per month in rev. After dabbling into Facebook ads for many months before and not having much success with it, he knew that he “had to get an expert in” if he stood a chance of increasing their online revenue.

At the start of April, he reached out to us, we took a look in his ads manager and saw a lot of red flags that we typically see ecommerce brands make. There were copy and creative issues, targeting issues and there wasn’t a proper strategy implemented that would target customers across all parts of the funnel.



The Solution:

After understanding their ideal customer in great detail based on what Mitch told us, we knew we were dealing with slightly older women who had a household income in the top 10% of Zip Codes (US), were typically married, avoid buying from Amazon, and are influenced by what their friends purchase.

After doing some consumer research, we also learnt that the linen clothing industry is also known for having high return rates due to bad fitting guides and this is something we knew we had to get into the copy because we knew it would resonate with a lot of people we were targeting. After understanding their ideal customer, we applied a funnel structure that would target those who were cold as well as those who were familiar with the brand.

We then split tested the different copy angles we came up with as well as their best creatives to the different audiences we were targeting. After doing so, this resulted in their highest month of sales since their inception.

$115k/pm+ increase in sales after 1 month

They’re now on track to do $1.2M+ in online sales by the end of the year and are completely out of the Covid-19 doom with their physical store coming back allowing them to do even more in sales.

Join 10+ Industry Leaders

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We Spent: $28,953.62

Our Ads Made: $160,681.42

Backstory On This Client:

This is an e-commerce client who specialises in the high end luxury apparel niche. Prior to becoming a Growsteep client, their main median of advertising was organic and word of mouth which took them from $0 – $60k MRR but then they were capped out. There was only so much scale they could experience with organic and so that’s where we came in. They’d never ran a single paid ad before and so starting from complete scratch, we were able to ramp them up to $100k + MRR (solely from our paid traffic) in 1 month with a 5+ monthly ROAS.

This was a byproduct of having a deep routed understanding of their ideal customer and knowing exactly what they wanted. Equipped with that knowledge, all we needed to do was simply put what they wanted in front of them and they bought. We are now pushing this clients spend beyond the $15k/month mark and are on track to surpass $2M ARR.

We Spent: $71,231.08

Our Ads Made: $302,458.87

Backstory On This Client:

This high end fashion client of ours who had such a strong product-market-fit that when they went to market with paid traffic, they instantly saw profitability at a high level. The major issue they had was they were capped out at $100 – $200/day in ad spend. Each time they pushed the spend to $500+ /day, profitability instantly decreased, things started to break and they started to lose money… So it made sense for them to stay at $100 – $200/day, where they were most profitable.

After being served with one of our ads, this client came through our funnel and we ended up jumping on a call. Instantly, we could see this brand had mind blowing potential, they just needed a heavy hitter in their corner who could actually generate that potential for them.

So they came onboard as a client. Fast forward to today, and we are comfortably spending $500+ /day whilst maintaining a 4+ ROAS on any given day. We were able to quickly ramp past their usual $100 – $200/day spend in a hyper profitable manner by providing a more solid sales funnel from a paid traffic POV and by crafting ads that had a much longer half life. Coupling this, we seamlessly incorporated their product-market-fit offer which is enabling us to now experience a high MoM growth rate whilst staying offensively profitable and lean. 

We Spent: $66,376.44

Our Ads Made: $1,063.528

Backstory On This Client:

$1.06M in 7 months with a 130% increase in growth compared to the previous 12 months. This is an e-commerce client who is quickly becoming the industry leader in the men’s vintage watch niche specifically. They started with us in January of 2020 and since then we’ve been able to help them go from $800k ARR to $2M ARR. The reason we’ve helped this client ramp to such high numbers in a short period of time is because prior to working with us, they had no machine in place that enabled them to predictably spend x and generate (x*2,3,4,5). They were shooting in the dark when it came to advertising which severely limited their growth and harmed profit margins. Once we came onboard, we straightened out their sales funnel and offer, implemented deep platform strategies and cohesively combined them into 1 behemoth scaling operation.  

We Spent: $6,656.46

Our Ads Made: $29,901.04

Backstory On This Client:

Strong USPs are vital for any brand to have in order to routinely generate any type of profitable results at scale. It’s a non-negotiable. This is a sports based e-commerce client who not only has strong USPs but also has a very strong product-market-fit. They received one of our outbound emails (because we could see from a birds eye view that this specific brand was not utilising paid traffic to the heights they should’ve) and they ended up getting on a call with us to discuss how we could help them in more depth.

We showed the sheer amount of money they were leaving on the table by not having a solid paid traffic funnel in place and not having the ability to confidently spend $x to generate a sale for $(x*3, 4, 5+). Fast forward a couple months after they became a client and we are now able to spend just under $12, at scale, to acquire a customer that’s worth roughly $120 straight off the bat (excluding LTV of the specific customer). We are now on track to scale the monthly ad budget over $20k whilst maintaining hyper profitable margins. 

Creative Direction For Ultimate Conversion